Creator of Chaos

The Creator of Chaos but watch out! If Josh is hosting your event we bet there’ll be a moment he sneaks in some singing, he won a karaoke competition in Central Queensland in 1997 and it went to his head. Josh’s background in the entertainment industry mixed with him being ridiculously competitive makes the perfect host for team building events – fun yet fair. In his spare time Josh loves to play anything competitive and is increasingly struggling to find people to play against primarily because he is not a good winner.


Games Master

A true Games Master. Brett is one of those people everyone likes to be around; his wit and quick mind making him a wicked host of our events. He finds ultimate satisfaction in solving puzzles, first, and prides himself on his ability to convince a group to do what he wants; it’s dangerous but you know there are always fun times ahead. Give the man a guitar and you’re set for a night. His humility hated us writing this, but he can make work seem less like work. If you took away this man’s bum-chin he could take over the world!


Melbourne Master

Cool, calm and collected; even when faced with stressful moments Ben could be a poster boy for an antiperspirant. He has style that most of us could only wish for and what makes it even worse is that it seems so effortless! Ben somehow becomes a part of your team, not just some guy running an event for you. His calming approach make those hard challenges less hard and we’re all the better for it! The consummate and professional performer, Ben was born to be in front of people, he just does it so well!


Fun Fatale

Samm (pronounced “Sam” – the first M is silent) floats somewhere in between a total quality control freak and creative-hippie-artist-mountain-fairy. When designing a new Great Race game, Samm imagines herself playing the game (in all her dreams her team wins) and creates challenges that push boundaries, but more importantly makes you laugh until you snort. She is a firm believer that the success of your day can be measured by how much you laugh, so when hosting, Samm ensures that you walk away with hilarious memories that will outdo even the Christmas party stories.


Spinner of Secrets

With his boyish charm Charlie makes everything seem easy and fun! Charlie gets games, so hosting and designing them just comes easy to him. A Melbourne guy through and through he has travelled the world over and is unassumingly wise! Somewhat of a perfectionist Charlie is amazing at thinking on his feet and measures success on leaving an event with that sheepish grin knowing he nailed it! Outside of Great Race his creative mind is staggering and we can only hope to hold on to him until the big time comes calling…


Mother of Mayhem

Mother of Mayhem, Geraldine keeps us all in line and is our logistical glue. Geraldine doesn’t get out on too many games herself, we like it that way – she’s Irish. For someone who doesn’t often get to play she definitely takes the cake when it comes to competitiveness; her ankles, knees and elbows all proudly brandish battle-wounds of #winning. She organises our Christmas and staff parties and in typical Geraldine style can turn an unassuming picnic into a competitive battleground. She would never admit it but is a candidate for the next season of “Dance Mums”.


Lady of Lunacy

She’s making us fat! Vashti has a real love of baking – and she’s good – like MasterChef good! Just like a difficult recipe she brings that attention to detail to the office inserting that nuanced specificity into our games. What takes a game from awesome to really awesome? Vashti! Vash lightens up our day, literally, with her amazing collection of eccentric hats, shoes and clothes in general. It’s this colour in her life that makes her such a valuable Great Racer.


Teller of Tales

Tel is painfully funny, in a ‘my side hurts’ kind of way. His mind has that left of field creativity that makes him such an unpredictably, wickedly funny host. His awareness of people and personalities arms him with the ability to push boundaries and no game is ever the same. Sometimes his fellow hosts find themselves staring in awe thinking ‘where are you pulling this from’, but it works, it takes the event to the next level! If you really want to see him shine put a camera in front of him – he’s a natural performer!


Jester of Fun

OK, this sounds bad but it’s actually a compliment: you just look at Jeremy and start to laugh. He looks like a character from TV with his sandy white hair and moustache but when he talks you find yourself just starting to smirk. His recognisable features are probably because his face is everywhere from theatre shows to commercials all over the country. Jeremy is a real treat to be around and one of those guys you would just sit and have a beer with, shooting the wind until all of a sudden it’s 3.00AM and you think ‘whoa, how did that happen?’. Take a bow Mr Waters, you deserve it!