Not Your Average Hens Party Ideas & Games!

Our hens events are a little out of the ordinary! These events are for young-at-heart ladies looking for something a bit different and to come out and have some fun together. Our hens games are never overly physical and suitable for mother-of-the-bride and even Grandma! All our hens party events are hosted by professional actors or comedians meaning the day is an entertaining experience packed with laughs! The price of your event includes pretty much everything you need to do the event so all you need to do is turn up!

We only offer hens events in the metro Sydney and Melbourne areas but have also done a handful of other regions depending on the size of your group.

We do hens-themed Amazing Races (with or without bars), Survivor and Minute To Win It type games. Scroll down a little to learn a bit more about each event or give us a call and let’s fun!


AMAZING RACE WITH BARS (ROMPS): We call our Amazing Race with bars… Romps! It’s the perfect hens party and our most popular style of hens event. The Romp is a completely hens-themed game without being too “Hensy” and we can put as much focus on the hen as you’d like us too! The Romp is great for all ages, it’s not too physical – we’ve had Grandmas do it and win it.  A couple of checkpoints will be at funky bars where teams have the chance to grab a drink while completing a puzzle. Just like all our Amazing Races this Hens Romp is more about how well your team performs en-route rather than it being about speed. You choose the order in which you complete the challenges, meaning planning is what will set your team apart! Mother and Aunty of the bride are typically a little more inclined to plan; they don’t want to walk any further than they have to. Our hens-themed bonuses not only inject a bit of extra fun but they also ensure that the winning team is only revealed at the very last second as the medals are being hung around their necks. We’ve run hundreds of hens nights and have refined our hens party events to be that perfect balance of fun and competition. Download the HENS AMAZING RACE WITH BARS Info Pack here.

AMAZING RACES: (the one without bars) The Amazing Race is much more like the TV show. Its for the hens with a real competitive side, for those that that love the outdoors and have spent half their youth playing team sports.  It’s not hens-themed; it’s a straight-up, super fun, Amazing Race with food relays, mental puzzles and loads of bonus challenges. This game is done over a slightly larger distance so if mum is coming along she should be relatively active. We’ve literally run thousands of these events, it’s tried and true and is an awesome way to invigorate the girls before a fun night out. Download the HENS AMAZING RACE Info Pack here.

MINUTE TO WIN IT: The Minute To Win It event for a hens is… well… hysterical is the best word we can use to describe it. It’s a ridiculously fun game that can be played in a hotel room, your lounge room or at a bar (a few drinks with this is totally ok). We take games inspired by the T.V. show Minute To Win It throw in a little hens party fun and ramp up the competition. The challenges don’t take themselves too seriously, even though the hens themselves might! A Minute To Win It works really well as it keeps the group together the entire time so the secret paparazzo in your group won’t miss a single embarrassing moment. The games themselves range for the cerebral to the creative. How quickly can you move an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth? Or juggle a series of Balloons without letting them touch the ground. Your day is facilitated by a people loving race host who knows exactly how to pitch the day so everyone has a ball. All in all, it’s just a great, fun way to kick off a hens party with cheeks sore from laughing. Download the HENS MIN TO WIN IT Info Pack here.

SURVIVOR OLYMPICS: The hens Survivor Olympics is an outdoor event where all the girls get to stay together for the fun! If you are a fan of the TV show ‘Survivor’ you’ll have an idea of how the day would run, however no one gets eliminated and you aren’t restricted to a diet of fish skins and rice – but you do get to try your hand at some awesome challenges! We’ll break the hens group up into teams and play a series of multi-layered games that will have everyone thinking outside the box. Whether you have an awesome memory, a creative flair, physical prowess or all three you will have your moment to shine. Most of the challenges in this game are NOT physical in nature so if you are a little older or carrying someone much younger you can still be very much involved. This day works well with a picnic and an esky full of ciders, we also come to you (within reason – Lake Eyre is out of the question) meaning that if you want to keep the hens night local or live a little bit out of the city this awesome event is a winner. Download the HENS SURVIVOR OLYMPICS Info Pack here.

WHAT’S A HUCKS? Another new trend is what we’ve called “The Hucks”. Lots of couples have shared friends and both guys and gals they’d love to have at their last send-off, so a Hucks night is a combined hens and bucks event where the Hens play against the Bucks in a game. Typically after the event they go their separate ways but it is a great way to ‘friend-share’ amongst partners. It certainly helps with price too! Some smaller hens and bucks groups don’t have enough people to justify particular events so combining give you purchasing power!

2-3 hours
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
From $900
  • Hens-themed events
  • Your own private event/host
  • Perfect start to the evening
  • Ice-breaker
  • Prizes Included