Charity Fundraising Events & Games

Fund-raising or Fun-raising? See what we did there? Use us to help raise funds for your charity. We’ll organise an awesome event for you at the cheapest possible price without compromising on quality and all you need to do is get people there. We love people who do good things and this is a way for us to give back to the community too. Charity Amazing Races are always a blast but all events options are on the table – our hosts are pros in front of a group!

Give us a call and we’ll discuss what we think is the best option for you. We’ve worked on loads of projects for charities in the past from small self-promoted projects right through to national team-building events in several locations simultaneously around Australia raising funds for some of the most recognised organisations in the country.

1.5-4 hours
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
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  • Cheaper minimum fee
  • Less stress for you - just get people there
  • Family events available