Bucks Party Games & Events That are Seriously Fun

We’ve found the guys who find us are not looking for your old-fashioned sleazy bucks party; if they’ve got this far they are looking for some serious competition and a perfect way to kick off their best mates last hoorah with a blast. Bucks parties today are still about getting a little loose over some beers but a successful bucks party is one where the buck is still alive past 6PM – this is where we come in! Bucks groups totally get into our events often having a punt on the outcome and is a great way to start off the day to give it some longevity; it also gives the guys something to talk about for the rest of the night – we literally help with small talk!

Typically we organise a bucks-themed Amazing Race but Survivor is another great option. Unfortunately no one takes their clothes off but if you ask Josh politely…:)

Download the BUCKS AMAZING RACE Info Pack here.


2-3.5 hours
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
From $990
  • Competitive
  • Good Ice-breaker
  • Perfect starter for the evening
  • Gives your evening longevity i.e. Your buck won't be in a gutter by 3.00PM