Amazing Birthday Party Races & Challenges

Let’s start by saying Happy Birthday almost! They come faster and faster every year! Our games are that little bit something different, getting friends out together rather than just saying meet us at the Townie for a beer. Our games give you a chance to prove that while you’re getting older you can still beat your best mates, well hopefully, we don’t rig the games so you win, but you’ve got nothing to worry about, right? You’re invincible.

Come and try our Amazing Races (with or without bars) or the Survivor Olympics Birthday Bonanza!

It doesn’t have to be a big birthday to do one of these, in fact, we find most people are using their birthday party as an excuse to wrangle a bunch of mates together to do something fun, and that’s OK, Let’s Fun!


THE AMAZING RACE: The Amazing Race is definitely the most popular type of event for birthday groups. Our Amazing Race activities are perfect for all types of groups as they’re a great social activity even if you aren’t that competitive. Their are a couple of different styles of Amazing Race that we run too – a linear ‘traditional’ style Amazing Race that includes Detours, Road Blocks, Fast Forwards and Yields and then another ‘choose-your-own-path’ Amazing Race where teams have all their checkpoints listed and choose the order in which they complete. The ‘choose-your-own-path’ Amazing Races are a great option as you don’t know who is in the lead; planning and strategy becomes so important as the path you choose will literally make or break it for your team. Unlike the TV version of the Amazing Race the first team home doesn’t just win; this Amazing Race is anyone’s for the taking, it comes down to how well you have performed at the challenges. For a birthday activity the Amazing Race is sure to smash it out of the park. Download the BIRTHDAY AMAZING RACE Info Pack or the BIRTHDAY AMAZING RACE WITH BARS Info Pack here.

SURVIVOR OLYMPICS: Unlike ‘The Amazing Race’ the Survivor Olympics for a birthday party keeps the entire group together for the duration of the event and each game is played against the entire group. We arrange to meet your Birthday players in a park or beach somewhere, divide you up into teams and then it’s Game On! The birthday boy or girl gets absolutely no preferential treatment in this challenge – the stakes are too high! We are playing for ultimate supremacy in a list of challenges inspired by T.V’s ‘Survivor’ immunity challenges as teams accrue points in their attempt to be crowned the ultimate Survivor. Fortunately no one is eliminated but that doesn’t decrease the competitive nature of this game! For a birthday party in the park ‘Survivor Olympics’ takes it to the next level! Download the BIRTHDAY SURVIVOR OLYMPICS Info Pack here.

MINUTE TO WIN IT: An awesome collection of quick games that are literally designed to make you belly laugh at each other. We can come to you or to any venue with a decent amount of floor space and literally make your birthday! This indoor, low physical impact birthday party event is still action packed fun but perfect for a mixed bunch! Each challenge only requires a couple of team members so if you have a few introverted friends they can still feel included without being in front of everyone! Your host builds the excitement, is witty and funny but completely inclusive too! It’s something a little different to your regular birthday party event but so so so much fun! Download the BIRTHDAY MIN TO WIN IT Info Pack here.

2-3 hours
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
From $900
  • Something different
  • Competitive
  • Fun
  • Your own private event
  • Suitable for all ages