Sydney Birthday Party Events, Games & Races!


We LOVE birthdays! But not boring ones.. That’s why we break away from the crowd to offer that special person, and all their friends and family, a truly memorable birthday event!

Race around amazing Sydney completing challenges, solving puzzles, and taking part in ridiculously funny games that are sure to outshine your run of the mill visit to the local pub or bowling alley!

At Great Race we love throwing birthday parties in Sydney. The city is blessed with stunningly diverse scenery from harbour and ocean views, to gorgeous cityscapes and parklands just begging for a party.  

Not just for big kids

You’re never to old or young to have fun! We celebrate all the major milestones from 8 to 80! So whether you’re a little tacker running around with your mates, or turning 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 or ‘don’t even ask’, we can tailor our events to fit you!

Our Birthday Party Ideas

Who, When and Where


Our games, races and events are suitable for ages 8 and above, with the exception of those that contain alcohol like our Romps that are for 18+ only. Check above for further details depending on the event that is enticing you!

At least 10 of your mates (or youngins’) will need to be able to participate in any our group outings or inside games and challenges.


Most of the parties we throw can be done day or night! Which means Nanna can still have her party and get home for her arvo nap! Get in touch with us to see what we can do to make this a memorable one for you!


We’re happy to come to you! That’s the beauty of the games, challenges and races we do. We can make the planning of the location hassle-free and convenient, so you can worry less about travel, and concentrate more on having fun!

Make your birthday wish with us!

Celebrating your birthday or organising your kids birthday can be quite stressful! We know birthdays bring a lot of pressure to make them a special one, so let us do all the planning and kick back, relax and enjoy!

Chat to one of our friendly Masters of Fun today and we’ll show you how to throw a smashing birthday!