Team Building Events For Schools

Team building, teamwork, time management, planning and strategy are not only beneficial skills for adults already in the workplace, they are essential lessons for younger people entering high-school and university.

Put them into practice in a fun yet challenging way. No one fails, but teams quickly learn that working together in a measured approach will see the best results.

We don’t beat you over the head with the theory, all you see during the event is crazy fun – afterwards you get that ‘Ahh yeah I see’ moment!

We run events for all ages with specifically designed games suited to the age and outcomes of the group. The most popular style of program is Survivor as it can travel to you but we have also organised Short Film Shoots, Amazing Races, Improvisation workshops and numerous other creative events.


1.5-4 hours
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
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  • Specifically designed to suit your group
  • Professional accredited facilitators
  • Teamwork
  • Planning and strategy
  • Great fun