Not-So-Corporate Christmas Parties

If you’ve been put in charge of the Christmas Party we totally feel for you. It’s a mammoth responsibility to organise a celebration that will please everyone and ensure attendance. Gone are the days where booking a venue and putting on a bar tab seem to cut it; now it’s all about wow factor and impressing everyone from Karen in Accounts to Skyler the Intern.

We think the most important elements to a great Christmas Party are lots of laughs, a little bit of silliness, and a hint of competition. Above all it must be memorable (for all the right reasons…) and feel like a celebration of the year that was and the holidays that are about to be.

Here are our favourite Christmas Party events with our suggestions on how to incorporate food and drink options. Each of these games appeal to all personality types, ages, and fitness levels, and focus on the Fun making them the ultimate crowd pleaser. As always, our events are hosted by our team of professional actors who are natural entertainers with a wicked sense of humour and ready to deliver an unforgettable Christmas Party for your team.


AMAZING RACE WITH BARS/WITHOUT BARS: One of the most popular Christmas Party options that ticks all the boxes! This event turns the city you spend all year in into an interactive game as you decipher clues to locate checkpoints and complete challenges. From food relays, code-breakers, sabotage missions, creative photo tasks, interactions with the public, and trying not to get lost, the Amazing Race has something for everyone. We can design the game to get your entire team from your preferred start and finish location (ask us for suggestions!), and make sure they have an unforgettable time along the way.

You also have the option to include a couple of our puzzling challenges that have to be completed while in a bar which gives the opportunity for participants to enjoy a drink at the same time. This is a great option if you usually just go to the pub each Christmas Party and are looking for something a bit different this year but still need to appeal to your staff. The Amazing Race with Bars still allows for a drink or two along the way without alcohol being the main event.

OUR RACE FOOD AND DRINK SUGGESTION: Book a function room at any bar or venue of your choice and we’ll get your team there as part of the game! Almost all venues during Christmas time will have food and drinks packages on offer to make it nice and easy for you to find something to suit your budget. As a rough guide you’ll need to book the venue approx. 1.5-2 hours after the start time of your Amazing Race, with any food or drink packages beginning approx. 2-2.5 hours after the start time, but chat to us about your plans and we’ll help you sort out all the nitty-gritty details. Once all teams have completed the game and arrived at the venue our host will tally the scores and hold our hilarious, nail-biting closing ceremony and announce the winners!

As an awesome low-cost option, why not finish back at your offices? We’ll get everyone out of the way for a couple of hours to allow you to transform the space with decorations and DIY food and drinks (or get a caterer in if you want something a bit fancier/easier). You’ll avoid room hire fees, minimum spends, and can bulk buy food and drinks! Plus, if you have great views and/or a new office, it’s a chance to show it off and appreciate the place you spend most of your days in a different light..

SURVIVOR: With the latest season of Survivor comes a growing fan base and we’ve turned the immunity challenges into a high energy 2-3 hours of fun! Our games suit all ages and fitness levels and move away from the physical and focus more on the cerebral and creative prowess of the teams. We play about 7 multi-faceted games that will keep everyone fully entertained. Although we aren’t all as good looking as Anthony LaPaglia, we’re funnier! Laughter over looks any day right? Right?!? Survivor can be held at most parks or beaches (although we try to avoid the actual sand as this is nowhere near as fun as it sounds). Ask us about some locations we’ve used in the past.

OUR SURVIVOR FOOD AND DRINK SUGGESTION: Survivor works perfectly when paired with a BBQ or Picnic so you can soak up the great outdoors.  There are some awesome and unique catering companies who offer things like spit roasts, gourmet BBQ’s, Paella kitchens, pop-up picnics, and the latest craze: Food Trucks! We find it works best to have food after approx. 2-2.5 hours of games. Please note that some parks will require hire fees and permits to guarantee space and allow commercial food consumption.

GAME SHOW: This indoor event is our new fave! Game Show is all about fun and nostalgia and is perfect Christmas Party game. This event includes an outrageous mix of challenges from some of television’s favourite shows with everything from Family Feud, Whose Line is it Anyway?, and The Price is Right, Project Runway, and Spicks and Specks, just to name a few! The games will test teams strengths in general knowledge, observation, creativity and performance and is a great if you have varying ages in the office.

MINUTE TO WIN IT: Another great indoor option, our Minute-To-Win-It game is all about fun! Our challenges have been specifically designed to test team’s strengths in the fields of creativity, dexterity, lateral thinking, planning and of course, teamwork! Just like the TV Show we take common household items and use these items in ways you’d never expect. How fast can you eat a Tim-Tam covered in vegemite? Or empty an entire tissue box, tissue by tissue, using only one hand? Can you contort your face to get a chocolate biscuit from your forehead into your mouth – no hands? Minute-To-Win-It is an entertaining collection of up to 12 games that allow everyone to shine, making it a great way to mingle the team and have them laugh the year away.

OUR GAME SHOW OR MINUTE TO WIN IT FOOD AND DRINK SUGGESTION: Book any private function space or indoor venue of your choice and we’ll come to you! We require about 15mins to set up and then approx. 2 hours of game time. The casual nature of the event means that you can serve canapes during the game, or have a full meal after the event. Another low-cost option is to hold the Game Show or Minute To Win It at your offices or lunch room. This avoids any room hire fees and means you can provide your own/byo food and drink. It might sound low-key, but we promise our events will get the party started and transform the office vibe!

If this style of event isn’t what you’re looking for try: Food EventsProduct LaunchCorporate Social Responsibility EventsCreative EventsIndoor Events, or, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for we’ll create one for you!

1.5-4 hours
Anywhere! Ask us
Minimum: $1540+GST
  • Makes you look good
  • Everyone applauds you even though we did all the work
  • Crowd-Pleasing