Not-So-Corporate Christmas Parties

Organising your Christmas or End-of-Financial-Year party can turn into a full-time job for someone so we make it easy. We’ll organise an awesome event that your entire team will love followed by a reservation with food and or drinks all packaged up with only a single invoice to pay. We run hundreds of events every year and deal with venues on a daily basis; you can use our experience and make your life easier.

As far as our events go,  most of them have team building principles at their core but in the end if you choose one of our team events for your Christmas party, you are guaranteed and that your entire team will have fun, laugh and love it. We’ll let you in on a small Great Race secret: while we are great at building teams we still have a bit to learn about marketing. This is made up for by the fact that majority of our clients keep coming back! You’ll do the same thing because this will be the best Christmas Party you’ve ever organised and you won’t know who to trust to top last year’s event.

Our Christmas Party and EOFY events are hosted by our team of professional actors. Our hosts are vibrant, enthusiastic, real and typically come with a wicked sense of humour!

Let us know what type of event you are looking for an we’ll pair it with the perfect venue.
Make your life easier, call us now.


Some example End Of Year/Christmas Party packages:

ROMP/PLATTER PACKAGE: Our most popular end-of-year package is our Romp program which is a mini-Amazing Race with a couple of bars and then a selection of platters at our final venue packaged together with a drinks pack or pre-selected bar tab option. Ultimately your Christmas Party is completely organised in one quick call. Christmas Event availability is always in high demand so while we cannot guarantee availability for every date we will work as hard as possible to accommodate your team. The Romp by itself as a team activity is a fantastic bonding experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously – it’s team bonding not team building. Mix that with a funky bar, drinks and canapés and Christmas is made.

AMAZING RACE/BOAT CRUISE PACKAGE: The Perfect Aussie Summer Christmas Party – outdoor games, beers, prawns and a cruise. This package mixes one of our famous Amazing Races (2-2.5hr) with an awesome 4hour catamaran cruise package. The final checkpoint for the Amazing Race will be next to the wharf alongside your waiting catamaran. The Amazing Race is that something a little different to kick off your Christmas party and as with all our Amazing Races we finish with a couple of drinks at a venue – this one just happens to be floating.

SURVIVOR/SPITROAST PACKAGE: In this package we head to a park, play some games and finish with a meal fit for a king. In the television show ‘Survivor’ the reward for winning challenges is usually a sumptuous meal that leaves contestants drooling and this is exactly what happens with this too! This smell of the Spit Roast comes wafting across the field as teams battle it out in our Survivor challenge which mimics the immunity challenges from the TV show – no one is eliminated but you do get to play in our awesome challenges like Giant Sling, Balloon Centurion, Tim Tam Slam & Tangram Challenge. Vegetarians are well-provided for too and we can cater to any dietary requirement.

MINUTE TO WIN IT/POP UP PICNIC: Teams make their way to a picturesque outdoor setting with comfy chairs, cushions and your host ready for some fun! We split the group up into casual teams and play a collection of crazy Minute To Win It inspired Christmas challenges. Half way through we take time to sip on some Corona’s as we munch on a gourmet bbq or picnic. The games are a little silly but definitely fun and give us all the chance to laugh the year away. Wet weather is of no consequence as we can move the event anywhere with a moments notice!

MIX AND MATCH: Pick any of our events and match it with any desired finish, be it a boat, park, pub or your office!

If this style of event isn’t what you’re looking for try: Amazing RacesAmazing Races with BarsFood EventsSurvivor OlympicsProduct LaunchCorporate Social Responsibility EventsCreative EventsIndoor Events, or, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for we’ll create one for you!

3-6 hours
Minimum: $2400+GST
  • Makes you look good
  • Everyone applauds you even though we did all the work
  • Crowd-Pleasing