Survivor Olympics Tribe Building Events

When you walk past a playground and see a flying fox do you get the overwhelming urge to ride it? Our Survivor Olympics is one big game that adults are allowed to play! We have giant slingshots, water challenges, engineering/building challenges, dodge-ball and a games-chest full of fun throwing back to a better time! Let’s go to a park or beach and just have some fun!


What is Survivor Olympics?

Our Survivor Olympics was born from the games and tactics witnessed on the TV show Survivor and the world’s biggest spectacle the Olympic Games. It’s a way for you to get individuals in your team to start thinking as a team; to recognise their strengths and the strenghts of others.

Whatever the challenge the right person is asked to step up and give their best and these are the very foundations of building a high performance team in the office.

It’s not just physical!

Our games are mostly cerebral in nature, we move away from the physical as to not alienate anyone in the group.

Whenever our challenges do call for physical involvement only one or two members of the team will be required to put their hands up. That way those that don’t mind getting a little physical will also have their moment to shine.

Series of fun games and challenges!

We play a series of 6-7 multifaceted games that have been specifically chosen to test teamwork, logic, strategy, creativity, problem solving and more all while they have a brilliant day of fun! We have an arsenal of games so give us a call we’d happily talk you through some of them.

Team building at its core.

The fact that this team building activity is ran all in the same place, it really gives us the chance to focus on the full team dynamic as everyone is together for the duration of the event – not a single moment is missed. Add a break for a BBQ lunch and you have the makings of a great social bonding experience too.

Catered for larger groups too!

For larger groups of over 60 we like to change the format of the game a bit and it becomes a circuit of events. So that you will play a particular challenge with a few other teams before moving on to play another challenges with different teams.

Survivor Olympics can be done anywhere!

We can take these games anywhere – but its best to find a park area near a beach or a sporting field… even a remote pacific island if you can find it in your budget to fly us over too… no?… it was worth a try!

If this style of event isn’t what you’re looking for try: Amazing RacesAmazing Races with BarsFood EventsProduct LaunchCorporate Social Responsibility EventsCreative EventsIndoor EventsChristmas or End Of Financial Year Events or, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for we’ll create one for you!


2-4 hours
Outdoors, Beaches, Parks, Farms, The Moon (transportation not included)
Minimum: $1500+GST
  • Teamwork
  • Strategy
  • Delegation
  • Problem Solving
  • Risk Management