Corporate Social Responsibility Events

Let’s do something for good. Let’s do something for someone that makes us high-5 at the end. Let’s do something for someone who will see the result and cry and then you cry and then everyone else cries. Hard work seems less hard when it’s for someone in need. We’re fortunate to see the awesome in people all the time, it’s a perk of our job but nothing compares seeing that awesome come out for a good cause!

We value the importance of giving back

There are no rules when it comes to CSR events, it can be a cook off for Oz Harvest, raising funds for Starlight Children’s Foundation, or shouting a worthy organisation to an afternoon of fun. Every CSR event is slightly different and uniquely tailored to your team and budget so give us a call and let’s do something for good!


On a personal note we think seriously about CSR within our own company, we try as much as a small business can to practice what we preach in our events. We value our staff development, our position within our community, attempt to reuse, recycle and reduce and have a couple of key charities we support on a regular basis – it’s not much but we feel good about what we do.


 The Starlight Race To Shine is an Amazing Race style event themed towards The Starlight Children’s Foundation. While you can choose to do this event anytime you like every year on Starlight Day we run a new version of this game simultaneously in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne as a National Team Building Challenge with a number of companies to raise funds for the foundation.

If you choose to organise this day for your team outside of Starlight Day it will be solely for your team and as far as team events go this game is so much fun and has a fantastic warm, fuzzy feeling at the end. Teams are competing in a typical Amazing Race style challenge however every challenge is themed around Starlight: Balloon Animal challenges,  fund-raising challenges, team creative challenges and more.

The wonderful part of this challenge is the benefits your team get from the team building challenge compounded by the sense of achievement in raising funds for one of Australia’s most recognised charities.


 The Water Works Challenge is about combining a fun team engagement event where teams play a collection of challenging team games themed around design and engineering to work up to the final challenge of building a water filtration system that is then donated to families in impoverished developing nations to provide essential clean drinking water.

We often keep the end-game a secret so teams think they are just working on a game that challenges their collaboration but when the penny drops and their final task is revealed everyones hairs stand on end!

“BUILD A… {Insert Something Gift Here}”

Build a bike, doll’s house, garden, vege patch, flat pack furniture. If you have a team of willing participants, we’ll make building something for someone fun!

Any day of the week you could donate a gift to a worthy cause but our focus is on your team, so we make this win win for you.

We are the self-proclaimed Games Masters and we pride ourselves on turning even the most mundane Aldi Flat Pack bookshelf into an epic battle.

In the end, of course, the results of our battle are donated to a women’s shelter, youth off the streets charity or similar. They feel good, you feel good, we feel good – and that’s good.


In ‘I’m A Survivor’ your company teams up with a deserving community organisation to mix together and compete in a Survivor style challenge that is designed to work on group dynamics and team work. The challenge works best when combined with a picnic, bbq or beach afternoon.

The organisations we approach to team up with are typically youth groups like Boystown or Youth Initiative but this often depends on outside factors like scheduling restrictions. The game itself  is a collection of multi-faceted challenges that requires an entire group to come together as a team to succeed.

This event works great as a combined rewards and CSR event.

If this style of event isn’t what you’re looking for try: Amazing RacesAmazing Races with BarsFood EventsSurvivor OlympicsProduct LaunchCreative EventsIndoor EventsChristmas or End Of Financial Year Events or, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for we’ll create one for you!

1-8 hours
Minimum: $2500+GST
  • Social Responsibility
  • Feeling Awesome
  • Helping People
  • Teamwork
  • Goal Achievement