Minute To Win It Games & Events

Ok, it actually takes longer than a minute to win it. The concept of this game is short challenges completed in around 3-4 minutes, perfect if you have a loud competitive team with short attention spans! This game goes like the clappers and your team will only be left with time to laugh. The games are designed to challenge teams in various ways, with a couple thrown in purely for silliness – there’s always that ‘Gary’ person who’ll put their hand up! This game is as fun to play as it is to spectate; make sure to bring a camera to capture the hilarity that will unfold!

Our challenges have been specifically designed to test team’s strengths in the fields of creativity, dexterity, lateral thinking, planning and of course, teamwork! Just like the TV Show we take common household items and use these items in ways you’d never expect. How fast can you eat a Tim-Tam covered in vegemite? Or empty an entire tissue box, tissue by tissue, using only one hand? Can you contort your face to get a chocolate biscuit from your forehead into your mouth – no hands? Minute-To-Win-It is an entertaining collection of up to 12 games that allow everyone to shine. Points will be awarded for the top performing teams for each challenge. The introduction of a double up card gives teams the chance to double up points for one chosen activity. Not all of the games will involve all players so teams have to strategise and put forward the best candidates while the others coach from the sideline. This event is staged as if in an arena, making this an exhilarating event for participants and spectators alike.

2-3 hours
From $1400
  • Entertainment + teambuilding
  • Crowd-pleaser
  • Suitable for everyone