Tasty Team Building Events

Food Brings People Together

“Food is so deeply entwined into the culture and fabric of society, it brings people together in a way few other activities can!”

Let’s play with our food! With the popularity of shows like MKR and MasterChef it was only a matter of time before the demand for fun team events saw us happily create a collection of food based team building events of a similar vein.

We Make A Great ‘Pear’

A client came to us and said ‘breaking bread’ was an important culture in their company, they loved coffee, they religiously sat and ate together and wanted a fun competitive event that matched their passion.

We created a unique food challenge testing their taste buds, creativity and culinary prowess, in the end we clinked glasses and laughed and ate and drank a little more.

If you love food and wine you’re in good company with us…

Cooking or BBQ challenges, blind wine tasting, cocktail making, food-themed Amazing Races, filming of a cooking segment, cake decorating, learning to make the perfect latte – we have since created enough games based around food to make your taste buds pop!

Nothing brings a team together like food and wine so let us create a food-based event for your team that will fill them with goodness… literally! Start a conversation with us and let us suggest a team building activity that turns everyone’s favourite past time into a game.


Our Food Based Challenges:


As far as our food corporate team building events go the ‘Taste Trial’ is one of our most popular. It’s an outdoor team activity where teams make their around to challenges that are all themed around food and drink.

Ultimately It’s a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ Amazing Race however speed is no consequence in the grand scheme of the game. With this said certain challenges will open and close at particular times so like a difficult recipe teams will have to be sure not to miss a single detail on their task list.

It is how well each team performs at the challenges that will determine who takes out the gluttony glory. Among an ingredients list of great challenges, you’ll have to make a cafe quality coffee, taste your way around some of Australia’s most loved wine regions, design a birthday cake fit for an 8-year old and determine the secret 20 ingredients in our fruit punch!

There’s no arm-twisting needed for this team building activity based around food.



 The indoor foodies challenge is a fantastic ‘Break Out’ style event to kick off, wrap up or insert into the middle of  your conference or team meeting to reinvigorate and energise the team with some food and fun. It is a collection of around 10 fun, food based challenges.

Teams play all games at the same times which means no-one will miss a moment.

Food relays, creative cake decorating, specific cocktail making challenges, blind wine tasting and construction challenges are a few example challenges popular for their end product! Like any indoor event this game is immune to inclement weather and gives us a chance to focus on the larger group dynamic.

If this style of event isn’t what you’re looking for try: Amazing Races with BarsAmazing RacesSurvivor OlympicsProduct LaunchCorporate Social Responsibility EventsCreative EventsIndoor EventsChristmas or End Of Financial Year Events or, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for we’ll create one for you!

1-6 hours
Indoor or Outdoor Australia Wide
Minimum: $1800+GST
  • Time Management
  • Change Management
  • Teamwork
  • Strategy
  • Accountability
  • Team Cohesion