Creative Team Building Challenges

Organising a creative event can be the easiest way to scare your colleagues to chuck a sickie but here’s why you should do it: it pushes your boundaries and the results astonish. Every. Single. Time! We have introduced events and had comments like “Good Luck with that” and “Whose fault is this?”, only to see those people finish with sheepish smirks of pride at what’s been they’ve achieved. No one fails, you can’t, you’re with friends; you’re with us!


Majority of the Great Race hosts are professional actors with years of experience in the entertainment industry; standing up in front of a group is something we do on a day-to-day basis and just comes naturally to us, BUT we understand our talents are another’s worst nightmare!

We nurture and create a safe environment to reveal hidden talents that constantly surprise. If you’re failing, we’re failing and we never fail.


 The Apprentice is a unique creative team building program that requires real-world business strategy and a creative flair to design a new product line and marketing material and finally pitch their concept and plan to a judging panel.

Time management and delegation are extremely important as the encroaching deadline looms closer and closer.

Your team knows your industry, they know your products and services, they’re probably aiming to be the industry leaders so we take them out of their comfort zones and introduce a challenge on a level playing field. A surprise last minute curve ball is thrown in the dying moments that tests the teams change management skills right before the final pitches.

Unsurprisingly teams always flourish as the competitive nature of the challenge kicks in. This team event is a great indoor event that can be held pretty much anywhere – conference centres, in office, function venues.


Challenge the creativity, teamwork and innovation of your team in your very own 3.5 hour Short Film Fest competition: “FILMFEST”.

Whilst you might not walk away with instant international stardom at the end of the day, you will have an overwhelming sense of achievement for accomplishing what you team probably thought impossible.

This is topped off by the joy of watching the films and our own Oscars Award Ceremony! Teambuilding + entertainment.


Tell Donatella to move on over as your team are about to create their very own Spring Collection! This creative team challenge will see your group hitting the streets and heading to op-shops with a budget in hand to purchase an array of pieces that can then be adapted, added to or amended using our scraps and extra random materials.

Above just designing the outfits you will also need to work on your runway show – the presentation and delivery, the catwalk and even the sound design.

The show is typically held in a funky warehouse or theatre where we all watch each others shows and will vote for the top style icons.

As far as team building goes this event is a little out of the ordinary and we love it darling!


This event is hosted by professional actors and comedians and will have the entire team in stitches as we play a series of fun, improvisation games made popular by TV shows such as “Whose Line is it Anyway?!” and “Thank God You’re Here”.

This will challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones in a safe and supportive environment and is as entertaining for participants and spectators alike!

No one is thrown in the deep end, you’re in our capable hands as with our hosts we navigate the brave ones to hilarity and celebrity status amongst colleagues.


This event starts with our warm up games – “An introduction to Impro”. This will have the group laughing and buzzing and works well at settling some nerves whilst getting the creative juices flowing. We will then divide the team into ensembles.

The goal is to devise a short 5-minute performance piece based around a particular theme.

Each group will share a professional actor/director who will work as mentors. Your mentor will help groups decide on their concept and creative direction.

By building on the strengths and individual talents in each group our creative facilitators will work directly with our teams to produce a performance piece.

Finally after the rehearsal period teams present their piece to the entire group in front of our judges. We can run this event in a function centre, small avant-garde theatre, funky warehouse space – anywhere indoors with a decent amount of space really!


As the name suggests this event is based solely around creating your brand or products next prime time television commercial. Armed with digicams and a creative brief teams will have 3 hours to brainstorm, rehearse and shoot their very own 60 or 90 second TV commercial.

A strict set of guidelines inform the teams directions but in the end the creative licence is limited only by their imagination.

Prior to the presentation of the commercials teams will be required to pitch their concept and justify the motivations, direction and marketing ambitions in line with the creative brief outline.

The end results are always entertaining to say the least but more importantly your team will have spent a day immersing themselves in your brand or product in a positive, insightful method… and it’s heaps of fun.

If this style of event isn’t what you’re looking for try: Amazing RacesAmazing Races with BarsFood EventsSurvivor OlympicsProduct LaunchCorporate Social Responsibility EventsIndoor EventsChristmas or End Of Financial Year Events or, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for we’ll create one for you!

1.5-4 hours
Mostly Indoors, Conference Rooms, Theatres
Minimum: $1500+GST
  • Pitch
  • Delegation
  • Team Building
  • Prioritising
  • Cohesion
  • Presentation
  • Goal Achievement