Amazing Race Games & Events

Our name is Great Race, but we can’t stress enough that our Amazing Races are better than just ‘Great’ – we’re really, really good at these; and we’ve done thousands of them: on foot, in cars, in planes to get from city to city, to launch new products and even as a physical training exercise for the defence force!  This perfectly adaptable team building activity can be designed to suit your needs!

We’ve featured on Channel 9’s Getaway and 7’s Sydney Weekender. We’ve created Races all over Australia.  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, The Great Ocean Rd, Cairns, Byron Bay, Perth and most places in between. This is a team-building classic made better with that Great Race touch – let’s fun!


Our  Races

Some people hear ‘Amazing Race’ and get worried that it’s ‘a running race’ and that the team will have to go buy a pair of new Nikes and pull out the active wear… Fear not, our events are always designed to be more about the execution of the team challenges you do en-route rather than how fast you get to the end! We have an arsenal of fun challenges that push teams out of their comfort zone without physically breaking them down, there’s no fun in that.

Cater To All Levels

We recognise that most teams have a very varied mix of people and we pride ourselves on designing challenges that appeal to all different types of personalities and abilities. Our programs will test how well you work with your teammates. The in-office hierarchy goes out the window as teams find a new balance having to work within the new guidelines of this foreign environment – this naturally opens up the doors of communication and individuals come out of their shell.

Team Building Skills Made Fun

These games become a real insight into how your team operates and help to expose the benefits of having different personality types in a team. As a corporate team event we can make it as team-building focused as you like, we can have checkpoints that showcase your company values or we can style it around a conference theme, it’s completely up to you. Our promise is that above all we will make it Fun!

Awesome Value For Money

Second to being fun we also pride ourselves on being affordable. If budget is an issue don’t feel you need to reinvent the wheel, we have events that are ‘pre-designed’, tried and tested. They are great value for money and should be the go-to option if you are trying to keep your costs down.

Our Clients Love It

After thousands of successful events we have an impressive list of corporate clients who come back time and time again. We really do think we are the best at what we do and the testimonials speak for themselves. It really is the perfect way of bonding a team. Give us a call or send us an email and come find out why Channel 7’s Amazing Race Australia sent some of their real teams to try us out! (Did we just name drop?…again!)

Here are a few Amazing Race style events we have created:


The Amazing Race Around The World was originally designed for a Travel Insurance company. In just a few short hours teams completed country themed checkpoints that made them feel like they were traveling the world without having to leave the city! Some of the team building challenges inspired by particular countries included making a Vietnamese Pho from scratch, fighting it out in a hilarious Mexican Taco Dual, translation challenges, designing a kimono from recycled materials. We even threw in an Australian timed food relay involving Tim Tams and Vegemite… before Cadbury made it a ‘thing’.


 Inspired by the board game this event is much more about planning and strategy with no real benefit from being the first across the line! This game has teams completing tasks of varying difficulties to accrue property squares which will lead them to creating a set. Teams then had to complete a larger challenge that would win them anything from a house to a hotel to put on their set. Each property set was given a points value based on difficulty with the winning team being the team that accumulated the most points. The game had all the Monopoly hallmarks, including avoiding jail, free parking and railway and utility bonuses! If you’re worried about the Amazing Race concept due to it’s physical nature this game is for you!


Every challenge in this electronically super-charged Amazing Race is based around new(ish) forms of technology! Artificial Intelligence is getting closer and this Amazing Race using as many new technologies as we can find: augmented reality, Google Hangouts, Google Translate, QR codes, Youtube, Facebook Live and by all means we are open to other ideas.


 You can Google anything these days and we are all so reliant on our mobile phones that we can even feel separation anxiety when we don’t have them. Switch Off is an old-school amazing race event that shuns technology. Old-fashioned code breaking, relying on the kindness of strangers, a touch of orienteering and puzzles you touch with your hands. Without actually taking your phone we take your phone away forcing you to really work with your team mates and spend an afternoon away from screens.


This Amazing Race in cars goes from Melbourne to Lorne! The difficulty of planning this event is that It could not be about speed for obvious safety reasons! So the game became all about the kilometers travelled. Being first team home meant nothing! Teams had to navigate their way down the Great Ocean Road to six checkpoints along Australia’s most famous drive. Giant Slingshots on Bells Beach, Werribee Zoo – feed the roo challenge and for the non-drivers a winery challenge en-route. It was a wine company that we were working with!  Getting lost, as happened, cost teams valuable kilometers on their odometers but the bonus points achieved by completing challenges on the way was really what decided the winners! Designing this game actually proved we have the best jobs in the world and we have used it as a blue print for other races like the launch of the Peugeot 2008 where competition winners flew into Sydney from all around the country and put the cars to the test.


Set along Sydney’s Bondi to Coogee coastal walk teams head on an Amazing Race challenge along this glorious path to checkpoint challenges at each of the beaches – Glamarama, Bronte, Clovelly, Gordon’s Bay and Coogee. You’ll be dodging the eastern suburbs mums in their active-wear pushing prams, relying on a charming elderly larrikin dressed in white to give you tips as you play a couple of ends at the stunning Clovelly Bowls Club and you’ll need to slop on some sunscreen and wack on your creative hat as you attempt to build the best sand sculpture with the provided materials on the stunning Coogee Beach. It’s an awesome day at the beach with this Amazing Race-themed team building challenge. This event can start and finish anywhere along the walk allowing us to tailor the duration to your team’s needs. Start at Bronte and head to Bondi  finishing at Icebergs or start in Tamarama and finish at the Coogee Bay Hotel – whatever your needs, we’ll create the game to suit.


When creating the description for our Zoo Amazing Races we came up with a thousand animal related puns, so instead we’re taking the high road and using none! But in all sealiousnous, our Zoo Amazing Races are the perfect accompaniment to a conference. It’s a fantastic breakout event that allows your group to see the majority of enclosures in a short amount of time all while playing a funky, tongue-in-cheek game that everyone will love. We’ve run these events in Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo and Taronga Zoo but would love to do more! Typically we only run these events if you are conferencing in the Zoo itself but that’s not to say we can’t organise it if you’re not.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it… This game truly is the impossible mission. In teams you have an unachievable amount of challenges and a finite amount of time to complete as many as possible. This spy-themed challenge encourages you to become a super-sleuth of international proportions to crack codes, solve clues and accrue as many ransom dollars to free your captured colleague. We created this game to try and take the emphasis away from ‘RACE’ and be more about strategy and planning. The concept is tongue-in-cheek but we perfectly walk the line to make it fun and kitsch but not daggy!


1.5-4 hours
Minimum $1400+GST
  • Strategy
  • Team Building
  • Team Work
  • Adaptability
  • Change Management
  • Organisation
  • Team Cohesion