The Client

Global marketing agency (name cannot be disclosed)

The Brief

Pitch a new marketing concept to their telecommunications client by incorporating an activity to deliver their message

  • We were approached by a global marketing and media agency (we’re not allowed to name names) to help them deliver a new marketing concept pitch to one of their telecommunication clients.
  • The agency’s pitch was all about how their client can give back to customers, to listen, to reward and to get to know them.
  • They had spent weeks preparing for the presentation and gathering data and making graphs, but the agency wanted their client to actually experience the feeling they were trying to convey. And that’s where we came in!

Customising Our FilmFest Game

The agency asked us to customize one of our creative team building events, FilmFEST to incorporate a random acts of kindness theme, to accompany the pitch presentation.

We love tailoring our events to suit our clients’ needs, and we were excited about helping to forge a deeper relationship between the client and agency.


The Meet & Greet

In a fancy bar in The Rocks, the Great Race team met the agency as they prepared for the big pitch. Soon, the room was filled with about 30 people from both the agency and the telecommunications company. The presentation began and after many questions and excited responses, it was time for the big event.


The Event Begins

We split the group up into teams and combined people from both agency and client so that they could spend time getting to know each other better. Each team was handed an envelope with a list of Random Acts of Kindness, $200 cash to spend however they wish, and a camera to film their adventures.


Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge

The random acts of kindness list ranged from paying for a stranger’s lunch, buying someone flowers, paying for someone’s parking, helping someone carry their bags across the street, arrange and pay for a taxi, busking and entertaining the public, or handing out bottles of water to construction workers. The teams captured their entire journey on film and met some unsuspecting strangers along the way.


Sharing Their Experiences

A short while later, everyone made their way back to the bar where we all gathered around to watch the films and share the experience with the other teams.


One of the most surprising things that happened was a stranger not wanting to accept the offer of kindness in the fear that there was a catch. It seems that we really do believe that nothing is for free these days.


After some tentative approaches, the teams were able to open a conversation with the people on the street about their intention, and get to know the people they were helping.


The responses opened up a dialogue between the agency and the client about how they could create this experience for their customers, having felt first hand how rewarding it is to be surprised by a random act of kindness.


Ending the day with a celebration!

The Great Race team was there to facilitate the discussion and, being actors, awarded some prizes for the standout film and magic moments. The activity ended with some celebratory drinks, and new-formed friendships and memories between agency and client, and a hugely successful and memorable pitch. Not a bad day at the office!


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