three exhausted office workers

How To Get Out Of Unnecessary Meetings

It’s happened again, you’ve been called in for another round table meeting/ unnecessary coffee/ future planning session that will take hours out of your day and achieve less than you could have  with a couple of emails. Now we’re not saying all meetings are fruitless, we think getting your team together to discuss their projectsMore

By | May 12, 2017
smart goals setting great race

How to set S.M.A.R.T goals

At Great Race we believe in dreaming big and thinking outside the square, how else would we be running a business where we get to be the Masters of Fun? We are not alone in wanting to keep improving our lives, business and service to others and if you’re reading this blog, you’re looking forMore

By | May 5, 2017
Melbourne skyline events great race

5 Unique Party Venues in Melbourne

Melbourne is known as the New York to Sydney’s Los Angeles. Cosmopolitan, arty, multicultural and the home of Australia’s widest collection of small bars, Melbourne has something for everyone. Melbourne’s ever changing weather (its known for having 4 seasons in a single day) has forced a lot of its entertainment underground leading it to becomeMore

By | April 28, 2017
Sydney Venue Events Kirribilli Club

6 Unique Party Venues in Sydney

Sydney has gotten a bad rap over the last few years with rising house prices, huge infrastructure projects making traffic and noise even more tricky and our lockout laws changing the late night fabric of the city. However it is a multicultural city that spans over 25kms made up of suburbs with their own diverseMore

By | April 21, 2017
stress event crisis

How to survive an event crisis

Last month we received an urgent phone call from a company who was in the middle of a conference. The business who was booked to host their afternoon team building activity had just notified them that they had gotten the date wrong and was unable to deliver. The event manager was stressed to the least,More

By | April 14, 2017
Team Building Dilbert comic great race

Unique Team building that doesn’t feel like team building!

Remember when your parents would tell you and your siblings that you were going to play an awesome new game which was called “Whoever can get ready for bed the fastest wins!” and without even thinking about it you’d spring in to action to get in to your pajamas, brush your teeth, and jump inMore

By | April 7, 2017
easter egg hunt steven way

Fun Easter activities for the whole family!

Easter holidays are fast approaching and nowadays we have to think more creatively to keep the children off the couch and away from the chocolate. Sure treats can be a big part of the celebration but this can’t be a 2 week sugar feasting holiday! At Great Race we are the Masters of Fun soMore

By | March 31, 2017
Team building great race

Do we have to do another team building event?

Team Building can be boring, exposing, laborious, stressful and seemingly completely useless to the everyday running of your business. There is not only the financial cost but the emotional cost of having rally the people in your office and convince them that this will be worth their time. All cynicism aside there is often theMore

By | March 24, 2017
myers briggs fun great race

Understanding how Myers Briggs Personality Type indicators can help your team succeed

The understanding that members of your team have fundamentally different strengths and weaknesses is key to achieving your team’s goals. Whilst your manager (or yourself) may be a boisterous leader capable of inspiring results and pushing individuals to break through new ground, this does not mean the quieter more reserved team mates do not bringMore

By | March 17, 2017
Exciting Incursions and Excursions

Fun Incursions and Excursions that your students will love

It’s hard being a teacher these days. There are so many boxes to tick and so many rules to follow as to how we should talk to and educate tomorrow’s future leaders. They are so used to exploring their curiosity and finding stimulation through media and technology. Modern students are learning and accessing information thatMore

By | March 10, 2017