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We at Great Race HQ are passionate and inspired people that come together to create the most FUN team building activities available in Australia.

A Great Race is more than just a bunch of games, it’s an experience! Our game masters are professional actors (yes, cameos on Neighbours counts) and know how to create a fun and comfortable environment that ensures your squad has an absolute ball.

Our range of games, activities and events are specifically designed to match your team building goals.

Corporate Team Building

Building and fostering a healthy, collaborative and inspiring culture at work is critical to your business achieving its goals. Getting your team together and encouraging them to work together overcome challenges, crack codes and solve puzzles all while the clock is ticking, teaches them the importance of recognising the strengths of the people they share space with everyday.

Great Race Team Building helps your staff to feel valued by your business and be more energised, motivated, and focused. This combined with stronger professional relationships (now we know that Rachel might be rubbish at making coffee but is a gun when it comes to cracking a padlock combination!) makes your workplace awesome. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility

If your business is looking to enhance its impact on the world and embrace corporate social responsibility, then what better way to raise important funds for great causes then getting the office out and about. Our CSR events are designed for maximum fun for the participants and maximum results for your chosen charity. Do something awesome!

Bucks & Hens!

Hens winning

Getting hitched? Congrats!

If you’re the best man or maid of honour, heed these words – cheap thrills are temporary (but thrilling, lets face it) but pride is forever! Be different, be quirky and make your bride or grooms goodbye to single-dom memorable with a unique experience from Great Race.

Our races include awesome puzzles and challenges, plenty of opportunities to hilariously embarrass the bride or groom to be, and gets everyone out and about around beautiful Aussie cities, making for excellent Instagram fodder!


Don’t worry though if you’re keen to get into the bubbles, our races can also include a selection of bars and drinks-based challenges! It’s the fun way to celebrate your impending nuptials and best of all, it’ll be memorable for all the right reasons!


Remember when you were little and you had wizard or pirate parties and everyone came round and played games? Why not be a big kid this birthday and get outside with all your mates! We won’t even judge you if you want to dress up like a wizard! Well not to your face anyway…


Great Races aren’t just for adults though, we offer events for all ages! So Mums & Dads, give yourself a break and let us create and run a day they’ll never forget!

Schools & University Groups


Break up the school day, or venture from the campus for a wicked day of activities that’ll leave you with a whole pack of new friends, and memories to last a lifetime. Our range of games for School and Uni groups include orientation week celebrations, class or even school year extravaganzas!

Get into a Great Race!

What are you waiting for? Life’s more awesome when it’s fun!



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